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Saint Mark - Patron Saint

Saint Mark, the evangelist, is the patron saint of this congregation and his feast day is celebrated April 25th of each year.  Mark was the son of Mary of Jerusalem and a cousin of Saint Barnabas.  Mark's first name was actually John, and his Roman surname was Mark (or Marcus).  He was most likely a student of Peter, and may have been converted and taught in his own home by Peter, along with other young men of Jerusalem.  He accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey, however, Mark abruptly left them when they reached Pamphylia.  Later, there was reluctance by Paul to allow Mark to rejoin the missionary effort, but Paul relented.  Mark is later associated with Saint Peter in Babylon, and with Timothy in Ephesus when Paul wrote him from prison.  He is credited with writing the second and earliest Gospel between 50 and 60 A.D.  He wrote in Greek to Gentile converts to Christianity.

Saint Mark is often depicted as a lion which symbolizes the power of the Evangelist's word, the wings on the lion symbolize the spiritual elevation, and often the lion is depicted with a halo as a Christian symbol of holiness.


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