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Ministries at Saint Mark's

Pastoral Services - Pastoral Care is an important part of our life and ministry at Saint Mark’s

Prayer Chain - When a need for special prayers is identified, the St. Mark’s Prayer Chain is notified immediately. Some parishioners are called and some are notified by e-mail. Prayers begin immediately, to surround each person with love and the healing light of Christ. Some of our "prayer warriors" have been participating in this important ministry for decades. Our Prayer Chain is an important part of who we are and what we do at St. Mark’s.

Lay Eucharistic Ministry - St. Mark’s has an active group of Lay Eucharistic Ministers, who take communion to people who are home-bound or hospitalized. This, too, is an important part of our ministry. We believe that everyone who wishes it should have access to Holy Communion on a regular basis.

Porch Visitors - After their second visit to St. Mark’s, newcomers receive a visit from both the Rector and a "porch visitor," a lay person who stops in to say hello and ask if there’s any way we can be of service.

Hospital Visits - Any member who notifies us of a hospitalization receives visits from both the Rector and other members.

Parish Ministries - We reach out to others beyond our congregation

The Food Pantry - The first Sunday of the month is Food Pantry Sunday.  Donated nonperishable items are donated to the local food pantry.  Items may be dropped off in the basket in the Narthex any Sunday or during weekday events.

The SCRIP Program - Another opportunity for members, and a fund-raiser for the church, is our participation in the Scrip Program, an opportunity to purchase gift cards and gift certificates for everything from groceries to gas to fast food & restaurants to motels to a wide variety of stores.  Participating businesses then give a small percentage of the money spent for the gift card back to the church.  The funds raised have supported several special projects which we might not otherwise have been able to afford.  A percentage of each fund-raiser is used for outreach, the support of special ministries in our community.

The Haiti Project - The Haiti Project supports the work of the 180,000 Episcopalians and 48 parishes in Haiti and the general population by providing medical care, education and other needed services and supplies. Twice each year, St. Mark’s joins other churches in the Diocese of Milwaukee to collect items to be taken down to Haiti.  Sometimes volunteers have provided services to a  specific project in our companion Diocese in Haiti and Episcopal church, school and clinic in Jeanette, Haiti.  Medical supplies and hygiene items are the most-needed items.  Watch for announcements describing other specific needs.  Click here for additional information about the Haiti project of the Diocese of Milwaukee, and here for additional information on work in Haiti by other Episcopal Dioceses and parishes.  Dr. Jan Byrd of Saint Mark's is the Coordinator of the Haiti Project for the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee as well as our local contact.

Christmas Stockings - For over fifty years the needle artists of St. Mark’s have created beautiful Christmas stockings as a fund-raiser for special projects at the church. Work begins early in the year, with groups meeting to cut out the red corduroy and linings as well as the bells, snowmen, rocking horses, teddy bears, trees, horns and Christmas trees which are hand-appliquéd on each stocking. Then the beading and embellishing begins, using a wide variety of sequins, beads and costume jewelry. Each stocking is unique; each artist adds her own personal touch. When orders are received, the name and year is added, making each stocking an heirloom to be treasured. Our beautiful stockings go all over the country. Some families are now ordering for the third generation. If you’re interested, please contact the church office. See our Christmas Stocking web page.

Christmas Cookie Sale - The first Saturday morning of December finds a large group of people waiting in line for the doors to open on our Christmas Cookie Sale. The hours and hours of planning, purchasing ingredients, mixing, baking and decorating culminate in frenzy of shopping as hundreds of cookies are purchased by eager folk who would rather shop than bake themselves! It’s an incredible amount of work and an incredible amount of fun to get together to setup and sell all the fabulous goodies. It’s another great fund-raiser for the church and an opportunity to introduce people to St. Mark’s. No, of course we never sample the goods before the doors open!

Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Other Rites

Altar Guild  - A devoted group of members attend to the sanctuary and chapel areas, the array of vestments, vessels, and candles before and after each service.

Ushers, Greeters and Counters - Volunteers are assigned a schedule of services to greet and assist worshippers, and to tabulate the offerings after each service.

Readers - Readers are assigned specific services and scripture readings and read before the Old and New Testament readings and the Psalm to the congregation.

Chalice Bearers - Members trained and licensed to administer the sacrament.

Please contact the Rector or the church office if you have questions about church sacraments or rites, or if there is any way the congregation can be of assistance.

The Episcopal Church practices "open communion," which means that all baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

Camp Webb

See the Diocesan Camp Webb website and the Camp Webb Facebook page for the latest information. Camp week is June 16-21, 2013 at Elkhorn, WI.


View the "Contact Us" Page for names of persons coordinating specific ministries


Christmas Stocking Project

See our Christmas stocking page for information and ordering information.

Come work with us and grow in the Spirit.

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