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The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is part of the 85 million member world-wide Anglican Communion.  Episcopalians believe that the Bible contains all that is necessary for salvation. We believe that tradition and reason are also important in understanding and expressing the faith. Our beliefs are stated in the historic Apostle's and Nicene Creeds. We believe that two sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion) are ordained by Christ in the Gospel, and others (Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Penance, Unction and Holy Orders) are helpful to salvation.

The liturgy and doctrine of the Episcopal Church are detailed in The Book of Common Prayer (1979), first published in America in 1789, and closely resemble the prayer books of all Anglican Churches, and trace back to the original Church of England (1549) book with the same name. Episcopal means "governed by bishops" and bishops, priests and deacons are all ordained by bishops, who were in turn ordained in an unbroken line back to the Apostles (Apostolic Succession). All Episcopalians are ministers, responsible to love and serve the Lord, using our God-given individual spiritual gifts.

We are a catholic (universal) church, open to all. This may be the church for you. Please feel welcome to come and experience the power of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship with other Christians, at a nearby Episcopal Church, or as you visit other communities.

For additional information about the Episcopal Church you are invited to view the resources at the Episcopal Church's Website by selecting "What We Believe"  or What Episcopalians Believe (in Spanish text).

For a listing of daily lectionary readings click here.

Webcasts of Episcopal Liturgy

  • To visit the Washington National Cathedral website click here. Washington National Cathedral also broadcasts Sunday services and special events on demand at this site.

  • To connect to audio and video webcasts of Sunday services and special musical presentations from Trinity Episcopal Church, New York click here.

  • To connect to audio webcasts of Sunday Eucharists and weekday Evening Prayer at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, click here.


The "Episcopal Shield," logo is a St. George Cross, an indicator of our link to the Church of England, the mother church of the Anglican Communion. The small crosses in the blue quadrant symbolize the nine original American dioceses that met in Philadelphia in 1789 to adopt the constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. The small crosses are shaped after the St. Andrew's Cross in tribute to the Scottish Episcopal Church's role in ordaining the first American bishop, Samuel Seabury, in 1784.

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