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Members of the Vestry

Senior Warden: Dan Hilbert

Junior Warden: Ken Peters

Lindsey Cleary 2018

Linda Zamzow 2018

Sue Kuhn 2018

Stephanie Moore 2019

Jim Merrill 2019

Jody Langfeldt 2019

Darci Mosher 2020

Chris Csiacsek

Andy Harmon 2020

Joann Ellis, Clerk of the Vestry



Visit Us Soon!

You are welcome to worship with us or participate in parish events, or to simply obtain more information about the Episcopal Church and Saint Mark's congregation.  Questions are always welcome!  We have literature, inquirers groups, and persons who can assist you. 


Vestry Committees

Advertising: Lindsey Cleary, Sue Kuhn, Meredith Harmon
Mission Statement: "We will promote St. Mark’s and its church family within the community."

Altar Guild: Linda Zamzow & Betsy Lampert

Building & Grounds: Ken Peters (Jr. Warden), Dave Drexler, Bambi Tischer, Kit Marceil.
Mission Statement: "Maintain our church building and grounds. Develop lists of ongoing needs and wants to improve our building and grounds.

Christian Education: Meredith Harmon, Sue Kuhn, Steph Moore, Linda Zamzow
Mission Statement: "To offer opportunities to further the education, understanding and love of our Lord to children and adults of all ages."

Christmas Stockings: Linda Zamzow & Jody Langfeldt & ECW

Columbarium Committee: Dave Drexler, Lindsey Cleary, Kit Marceil, Dick Garside.

Electronic Media: Kit Marceil, web page; James Merrill and James Cleary, Facebook.
Mission Statement: "Ensure that St. Mark's electronic and social presence is in line with the needs of the congregation."

Evangelism/Outreach: Meredith Harmon, Joann Ellis
Mission Statement: "We will spread the Good News to others and be a welcoming and inviting worship community."  PDF copy of New Member Ministry Workplan

Fellowship: Meredith Harmon, Sue Kuhn, Steph Moore, Bambi Tischer, Deb Jenson
Mission Statement: "Be supportive of fellow members, planning parish dinners."

Finance: Fred Ellis, Treasurer, Joann Ellis, Deb Jenson, Dan Hilbert, Senior Warden, Trustee Representative (Cori Drexler, Dave Drexler, James Merrill).
Mission Statement: "Ensure that the finances of the church are administered in a responsible way"

Fundraising: Lindsey Cleary, Linda Zamzow, Jody Langfeldt, Bambi Tischer.
Mission Statement: "Work to raise funds to continue the work of our congregation.

Liturgy/Worship: Rector, Joann Ellis, Jim Merrill.
Mission Statement: Work to ensure appropriate and meaningful liturgies for all worship services."

"Stewardship: Joann Ellis, Linda Zamzow, Jody Langfeldt, Steph Moore
Mission Statement: "Offer information to assist in the discernment of good stewardship practices for our gifts of time, talent and treasure."

Trustees: Dave and Cori Drexler and James Merrill.
Mission Statement: Faithfully oversee and help manage Saint Mark's investments.

If you wish to offer your time or talent to one of the parish ministries see any member of Saint Mark's, see Rev. Mail, or call the parish office.  Perhaps you have the desire to assist, but need more information about opportunities or critical needs.  We will be glad to help with further details and to introduce you to persons coordinating specific ministries.

Come grow with us in the Holy Spirit.


Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

700 East Mill Street
P.O. Box 126
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Office: (920) 885-3536


Priest in Charge: the Rev. Oscar Rozo
Cell (608) 347-8427; Office (920) 885-3536

Parish Secretary: Joyce DeZarn
Parish Office (920) 885-3536

Treasurer: Fred Ellis

Prayer Chain: Vanda Weigert

Organist - Barb Panzer

Choir: Ken Peters & Barb Panzer

Newsletter Editor - Joann Ellis

Sunday School - Linda Zamzow

Altar Guild - Linda Zamzow

Buildings and Grounds - Ken Peters

Food Pantry - Bob Zamzow

Haiti Project - Jan Byrd

Christmas Stockings - Linda Zamzow

SCRIP Program - Bob Zamzow, Fred and Joann Ellis, Bambi Tischer, Deb Jenson

Cookie Sale - Lindsey Cleary

Trustees: Cori Drexler, Dave Drexler
& Jim Merrill

Contact regarding Saint Mark's Website click here.


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